takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

See the detailed discussion of her crimes against the disabled on our forum

Video clips

Have you ever wanted to peek into a service dog's world and see the kinds of cool things these highly trained dogs can do? We've gathered a collection video clips of service dogs performing various tasks for your viewing pleasure.

All Grady and Luna videos are copyrighted 2008 Service Dog Central

Lindsay's Grady retrieves his bowl
Lindsay's Grady picks up her cane

Kirsten's SDIT Luna: It shows an eight month old German Shepherd demonstrating various service retrieves, including a LASER directed retrieve, retrieve of a dime, retrieve of paper, and retrieve of a cane. This pup later washed out as a service dog due to psychological damage from being attacked by another dog.
http://www.servicedogcentral.org/videos/SDITDemoHigh.avi (Windows, Mac, Linux)
http://www.servicedogcentral.org/videos/SDITDemoHighQT.mov (Windows, Mac)
http://www.servicedogcentral.org/videos/SDITDemoHigh.wmv (Windows only)

All of Nora's videos are copyrighted 2008 by ResponsibleK9 and appear here with permission from ResponsibleK9

Nora's Nitro fetches a wheel chair

Nora's SD turns out a light
Nora's Arrow jumps in a window
Nora's Arrow flushes the toilet

Nora's Wisp gets the car keys
Nora's Wisp gets the car keys
Nora's Wisp learns to open a door
Nora's Wisp takes out the trash
Nora's Wisp shuts a door from the inside
Nora's Wisp retrieves with a foot cue
Nora's SD retrieves her keys
Nora's SD pulls a string to turn on a light
Nora's Wisp does a LASER retrieve of a book
Nora's Wisp retrieves her keys from a truck door
Nora's Wisp practices food distraction

I admit I often confuse Nora's dogs, especially as fast as they move. Nora, you'll have to correct me if I've labeled them wrong....