takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

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Tether dog pleads for rescue

I have been a witness to such a "team" in action and it was horrible. It was during a shopping trip with my husband in a card and gift shop. I heard a woman screaming "Stop, sit down." I went zipping around the corner to see what was wrong and to try to assist if help was needed. I was confronted with a nightmare. There was a sweet looking long haired medium sized dog looking like he just was on the point of a meltdown.

This poor creature was secured by about a 6' lead to a young boy. By the time I got there the boy was screaming at the top of his lungs for something that he wanted on a shelf and jerking the lead attached to the dog. The dog was trying his best to sit while Mom was screaming at the dog to sit and stay while she jerked the second lead to the dog.

I honestly think the dog knew me as a dog lover. As he turned his face to me I could see the h--l he was going through. The dog looked like he had lost all spirit and had about reached the point of giving up. There was not even a spark left showing of any will to fight for himself. It is the same look that someone experienced in dog shelters soon recognizes on the faces of dogs that have been shown that life is hopeless.

The dog stood up and I just watched in frustration as it tried to pull itself to me, its feet slipping and trying to gain traction on the tile of the floor shop. I was so tempted to run over and take its tether off and run as fast as I could to my car and drive away.

Yes this dog was professionally trained and had ID attached to him. Mom was probably frustrated as things were not working out as wonderful as she was lead to believe by tether dog advocates. So instead of trying to shop with just a child she now had a child having a bad time and a dog wanting no part of it. Instead of one to tend to she had two and she was not able to handle it. How was this making life better for any of them?

While I advocate for Assistance Dogs and their handlers, I will never go along with tethering a dog to a child. I take every chance I can to speak up against it.