takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

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What is the origin of the Seeing Eye dog?

Seeing Eye Dogs are just one "brand" of guide dog. Only guide dogs trained at the Seeing Eye in Morristown, NJ are properly called "Seeing Eye Dogs." The generic term is "guide dog."

"Kiss," who was born in 1927, was later renamed "Buddy." She was trained in Switzerland by Dorothy Harrison Eustis for Morris Frank. He had written to Eustis asking if she could train a guide dog for a blind person after reading an article she had published on a guide dog program in Switzerland. The team completed training with Eustis in 1928 and made their debut in the U.S. the same year. The pair campaigned across the country for the opening of a school to train guides in the U.S. In 1929 the campaign succeeded with the opening of the Seeing Eye in New Jersey.

Eustis based her training program on guide dog programs then in operation in Switzerland and Germany. These programs no longer exist. The Seeing Eye is the oldest continuously operating guide dog school in the world still in operation.