takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

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States specifically excluding PSDs from state definition of service dog

The following states have statutory definitions of either disability or service dog intentionally worded to exclude PSDs. This means that PSD owners and trainers have no additional rights under state laws in these states. If a person with a disability and a fully trained PSD qualifies under the ADA, they would still have regular protections under the ADA, but no additional ones. This has the largest impact on those training PSDs.

Arkansas (Public Health Code § 20-14-304(a)),
Delaware (Commerce & Trade Code § 6-45-4502),
Florida (Social Welfare § 413.08),
Georgia (Handicapped Persons Code § 30-4-2),
Idaho (Public Welfare Code § 56-701A(7)),
Illinois (Civil Liabilities Code § 740.13/5),
Louisiana (Public Welfare Code § 46.1952),
Massachusetts (Criminal Code 1.272.98A),
Michigan (Penal Code Penal Code § 750.502c),
Mississippi (Criminal Code § 97-41-21(5)(g), referring to a service dog for a “physically limited” individual),
Missouri (Public Health & Welfare Code §,
Oklahoma (Blind Persons Code § 7.19.1.D.2),
Oregon (Education & Culture Code § 346.680),
South Dakota (Personal Rights Code § 20-13-23.2),
Tennessee (Professions, Businesses and Trades Code § 62-7-112(a))