takes advantage of laws meant to help the disabled for personal gain.

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What do I do if a strange dog approaches my service dog and I in a menacing manner (rushing at us, growling, snarling, barking,

If an unknown dog approaches you and your service dog in a menacing manner, the best way to handle it is to place your dog in a sit behind you, ask your dog to look at you, away from the dangerous dog (dog’s see direct eye contact as a threat, never let your dog stare directly at an unknown dog), take out a pop-open umbrella and open it at the offending dog. Most attacking dogs will become frightened or startled by the unexpected action of the umbrella giving you enough time to get you and your service dog to safety.

It is not recommended that you use mace or any other aerosol product that may blow back at you or your service dog in the wind, impeding either of your vision or harming your service dog in the process.